Happy birthday Grandfather


2 and a half

Thomas is 2 and a half and is a self proclaimed chatterbox. He attends daycare 3 days a week at Oma Rapeti in Freemans Bay which he enjoys, they have two bunnies and chickens and he likes playing with his little friends.

Thomas loves Peppa Pig and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse – which we let him watch a tiny teeny bit. He is very keen on the beach and exploring. He loves pretending to be on an airplane or digger, he is always the lady co pilot or the driver and we get to be the passengers. Thomas really loves playing little shops! We pack and re pack our little bags and write shopping lists and beep them on the cash register.

The big bad wolf is constantly on his mind as are those three little pigs and what is in the deep dark wood. The Gruffalo is a firm favourite and he can almost recite the book word for word. Lately nursery rhymes and singing made up songs have become a hot activity.

His favourite colours are green and purple and he loves sparkly pink shoes which I did not buy him and now feel bad about, they have gone onto the long Christmas list! He says I love you and tells me I’m lovely which is very nice and asks if I want a glass of wine. Iain is often told to go into the kitchen or do his emails, there is a strong mommy preference! He loves cuddles, stand up ones being his preference, and tickles and being chased.

We have our tricky getting mad days but these are few and he is easily distracted if not exhausted.

He really is a great wee fellow and we love him.