bye bye wellington

After 6 weeks in Wellington doing ‘Pete’s Dragon’ pickups Thomas and I are going home to Auckland – yay! Thomas has been at an ikids daycare and had his fantastic nanny Grace.

At his last day of ikids he made a farewell hat which has christmas trees attached, very fabulous. Thomas has had a wonderful time, his top activities have been playing hide and seek in our hotel apartment, going to the Zoo and Te Papa, watching the Disney channel too much so Mom can make dinner! He has also really enjoyed time with his Wellington buddies Fred, Vinnie, Bruno and Edward. Plus playing with his cousins Barnaby and Beau.

Thomas is very interested in why things die, he does not want to die when he is old and would like me to hold him when he dies – heartstrings! But most death questioning is around the more mundane, like do flowers die, cheese, forks, milk, ribbons, toys, ice and the list goes on.

Home we go for the next adventure and endless questions!


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