Big fall

Thomas fell out of his cot yesterday, and now has a black eye.



2 thoughts on “Big fall

  1. dmeldrum2013

    Poor Thomas, I wonder how long it will take to disappear? How did he cope – tears & then back to ho Is he his usual happy self or is he a bit miserable? I guess his eye & the surrounding bruised skin is still sore especially if he inadvertently touches it.

    Hope all is going well in Sydney. I guess you are still in the plane – it is 12.05pm in NZ. Hope you have someone to pick you up at the airport. I txt you yesterday as for some reason I thought you were departing on the 30th.

    A big cuddle for Thomas from Grandma & Grandfather. He is very brave coping so well with a major injury!

    Love Mum

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    1. elizameldrum Post author

      Thomas is ok says the bruise is not sore. He cried when did it and we took him to go to make sure he was not concussed. We got a taxi from airport. Lovely weather here.


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