Thomas is 2 years old!

Thomas had a fabulous birthday. We started the morning with cuddles,his favourite, in the big bed with us round 7am then the presents! We gave him a scooter which he was very keen on and lots of duplo from Grandfather and Grandma plus great books from Libby, Melissa and Jane and a gorgeous outfit from Ali and Paul. A very lucky boy. This was followed by french toast and raspberries for breakfast and a visit to the Zoo. Wellington Zoo is great, really compact and we saw loads of animals. Thomas is is keen on wolves, we told him the dingos were wolves and watched a tiger being fed – awesome.

At midday we met Jane at a new restaurant in Brooklyn called the Salty Pidgin and drank lovely french champagne to celebrate our lovely boy, who had a fluffy and enjoyed an aubergine pizza.

Home for sleeps and then lots of playing toyshops and reading all his lovely new books and getting really frustrated that he can’t scoot on his scooter. He is now fast asleep with his new train Percy from Melissa and his Scooter!

We love everything about Thomas. XXX

IMG_6452 IMG_6453 birthday -1 IMG_6457 IMG_6463 IMG_6459 birthday 1-1 IMG_6465 birthday 3-1 birthday 2-1 birthday 5-1 birthday 4-1 birthday 6-1


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