16 months has passed

A belated 16 month post. Thomas and I spent the monthly milestone in Queenstown visiting grandparents, uncle Hamish and cousin Milo.
Thomas met sheep and alpacas for the first time and went up the gondola.
And had snow fall on him.
He has more new words, cheese, neigh neigh, car, truck, down and sounds that he tells you in a very sincere voice but I have no idea what they mean.
As I said in the previous post he loves cleaning. His other top activity is walking, making for long journeys to all places. Thomas loves throwing a ball about and chasing after it, like a puppy, stomping like a dinosaur, brushing his teeth, building towers with his blocks and transferring objects from one container to another and waving sticks about, helping Iain weed the lawn (mainly pulling out grass).Thomas can follow instructions, ‘take this to dad’, which is great. But getting into all the bathroom drawers not so great.
This term Thomas is attending jumping beans again with his friends and mainly music and wriggle and rhyme at the local library. Play dates and walks in the park and fun on the playground all rate highly. Thomas is a great date! Still no food that he won’t eat. Thomas remains a dear wee fellow.







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