15 months old today – June 19th 2014

Thomas got his first pair of new shoes which seems so grown up.
They are the cutest little sneakers ever, I wish I had them!
He can take about four independent steps but prefers crawling and climbing or pushing around his toy box or vacuum cleaner as a walker. New in the last few days is the shaking of the head for no, the word will follow, then we are in trouble!
He has some new words too, these include teeth, done, hot, eye, wheee, ah choo, tick tock and making a fish noise. Both Iain and I are called mum mum.
Thomas still loves dog dogs and has three in his bed and likes to carry one about on occasion. Trucks and cars are also preferred objects to brm brm about with in both hands which led to him rolling down five stairs resulting in a good bruise on the head.
Thomas also loves kissing us on the mouth and teasing us about climbing onto the dining table when he knows it is not allowed – funny. Frustrations and wilfulness are definitely on the up.
His temperament remains gentle and contained as he likes to observe or explore on his own before getting into the mix of other kids.
Thomas is a dear little boy.



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