14 months

Thomas is 14 months old today. He really feels older too, especially watching his new found interest in his toys. He can build blocks and likes to organise toys into groups and onto shelves or chairs or the toilet lid! He can put toys away and loves lids on and off. He follows instructions a lot more. Thomas stands independently for minutes at a time then realises and sits down or grabs the nearest object. I think he will be walking at 15 months…. bets are on. He had a tug of war with his friend Max over the xylophone my folks bought him, things got very heated, the beginning of ‘mine!’. He loves to brrrrm his cars about on the floor and he has mastered climbing onto the couch, it’s priceless watching the effort that goes into it and he claps and beams once he achieves it.
We continue our swimming lessons despite his reluctance and tears, hopefully this will improve. Life with Thomas is very busy and we have a great group of friends with babies with a new Mom, Meghan and little girl Isla from Los Angeles. I am now on the plunket committee and organising a film fundraising night, wine at meetings makes one agree to anything!
Thomas is super.



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