Thomas is 13 months today

Thomas is such a lovely wee fellow. He has quite a few words, the list is as follows;
Up, hi, meow, duck, dog, mama, dada, brmmm for a car and roars for a jaguar.
He loves playing peek-a-boo which he now initiates. Another top activity is putting objects into gaps, boxes or onto chairs, beds and us. Thomas remains very keen on books and likes to sit going through his favourites, these include;
Poobum, The Eye Book, The Foot Book, Look who’s driving, and any book with flaps to open.
He loves being chased and tickled especially kisses under the chin make him really giggle, I will try and capture that on video.
Thomas loves his meal times. His favourite foods are courgettes, fish, carrot, blueberries, raspberries, feijoas skin and all and all food we offer him!He is very good with other babies taking most knocks in good humour.
He goes to bed without a peep of protest and sleeps from 7 till 7 – we are very pleased about that!
At his one year plunket check up Thomas weighed 9.7kg and was 75cm tall which is tracking in the 50th percentile.
My upper arms are definitely becoming very strong!
Iain and I love watching him grow and agree that he us a very happy little boy.



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