Party aftermath

Thomas had a great birthday which ended up being a week of celebrations. My folks spent the real day of March 19th with him, of which the card they gave him of dogs barking happy birthday was the top hit of gifts, the swing came second best. Both my father and Thomas have a high tolerance for repetition so the barking card was on high rotate – not annoying at all! He was allowed a very tiny piece of orange cake and a wee sip of Dom perignon, both went down a treat.
The following day Iain’s father Alec took us all to Kelly Tarltons, which has been done up and was really great, and out to lunch in Kohi. So the birthday was extended with those treats. And finally last Saturday we had the big party. My mom made 2 great chocolate cakes and guests rolled in from 2pm till 6pm. I had our fabulous local babysitter Georgia, 16 years, look after Thomas so we could enjoy our guests and the sun and a well deserved glass of wine. The hit was Iain’s slow cooked shredded pork sliders with apple coleslaw – bloody delicious. Thomas had a marvellous time and crashed out at 6.30pm. He is now enjoying his new books and toys and loves all the cards. He really is the best wee fellow.










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