10 months old today

Thomas has reached double digits! He is very busy and pulling out new tricks everyday.

He loves being chased, squishing his face up at the windows, putting entire blocks in his mouth, watching us pick up what he drops, crawling up on all fours, playing with the radio, standing up by himself, playing soccer with us, reading books, knocking down towers, chatting, going out the front door, eating what we have from our plates, going to the beach, giggling, having chatty conversations, pulling everything out and off the shelves/tables, rough and tumble, the washing machine, the bathroom and everything in it, bath time, playing in his cot, watching people, poking out his tongue, blowing raspberries, his babysitter Georgia, the supermarket, bashing his mobile, getting out onto our deck, crawling through small gaps, clapping, waving, shouting, dancing with mum, having under his chin stroked, brushing his teeth and hair, poking us in the face, badly wants our sunglasses, cuddles and kisses from Iain and Eliza ………………… he really is the best little boy ever!



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