four months old today

Thomas is 4 months today and 7 kg. He is a top breast milk consumer!

He loves sucking his hands and looking at them in wonder. He loves looking at his toes
and realising they are his. Tom can roll onto his side and grab toys in his hands and suck them. He loves tummy time. And has strong legs that like to pump up and down ready for that bike ride with Grandfather.

Tom loves watching Mum do her daily chores in his bouncinet. He is very chatty and coos like a dove. He loves to be jiggled on your knee and giggles and smiles a lot. He does not like sleeping through the night and loves being up and alert most of the day.

Tom rarely cries and loves attention and compliments. He likes to flirt. And loves having his photo taken.

He loves walks round the Mount and down Beach Rd in his pram and feeding the seagulls in the park. He enjoys lying in the garden and feeling the grass between his toes and looking at flowers and monarch butterflies.

But most of all he loves his Mum and Dad and wriggling!


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